Interlocks and Overrides

All plants have a need to disable key instruments, alarms and interlocks, whether for mechanical or operational reasons. RAP’s Interlock and Overrides Module helps manage these outages, keeping all aware of status and requirements, whilst, most importantly, maintaining safe conditions.

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The Interlock and Overrides module allows you to plan, risk assess, authorise and track by-passed interlocks and overrides throughout your site.

Clients can tailor the risk assessment process to suit their requirements; plan and track safeguard implementations and set up email notifications to keep people informed of progress.

Integration options allow the sharing of Interlock and Overrides bypass information with other applications, and the use of lookup data (such as equipment/asset identifiers) from within the Interlock module.

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  • Log all Interlocks and Overrides
  • Risk Assess individual cases using standard or customised techniques
  • Keep tabs on the status and duration
  • Link to eMoC, PtW and Isolation systems
  • Fully competence based
  • Fully compatible with all email systems
  • Can be used for any temporary change
  • Fully configurable assessment of risk for every change

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