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'RAP - Your Trusted Gateway to Control of Work'

The next generation in Control of Work solutions, providing you with best practice knowledge gained over 30 years by implementing solutions in highly hazardous operational environments.

What is RAP and its Key Identifiers?

  • RAP is a fresh, intelligent alternative to just digitising your paper-based system
  • RAP puts Risk Assessment at the forefront of the permitting process
  • Knowledge base of potential hazards and mitigating controls
  • Describe / Define what you do and how you do it – (Icons)
  • All relevant hazards and controls easily accessed by users
  • Knowledge of permits / permitting system is not required
  • RAP is highly configurable – it’s designed to work for you

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The RAP System and Cortex

The RAP system has layers of safety for all industries, all scales, all risks. It is a Smart System of simple, clear, intuitive modules, with the intelligence to assure complete Control of Work audit compliance and drive continuous Safety Improvement.

Within the system, RAP’s Cortex holds the Knowledge and Experience gained from Millions of Hours of Risk Assessment and Permitting. And being language independent, it has a common language of safety for all to keeping your entire workforce safe.

Click on the modules below to find out more

  • RAP Permit to Work in white

    Permit to Work

  • RAP Permit to Work in white


  • RAP Risk Assessment icon in white

    Risk Assessment

  • RAP Management of Change icon in white

    Management of Change

  • SORM Safety Override Risk Management icon in white

    SORM - Safety Override Risk Management

  • RAP Mobile icon in white


  • RAP Audit icon in white


  • RAP GIS icon in white


  • RAP Reporting icon in white


  • RAP Turnaround icon in white


  • RAP utilities and infrastructure icon in white

    Utilities and Infrastructure

Digital Transformation: Controlled Work Permitting

  • Cloud or On-Premise installation
  • Interfaces with key system such as CMMS
  • Tablet compliant user interface for field work
  • Configurable work process
  • On-demand dashboarding and printed materials
  • Works alongside historical systems
  • Enables remote work and social distancing
RAP running on Laptop and Tablets

Achieve Operational Excellence with RAP

'Workforce Safety through Consistency, Reliability and Efficiency with RAP Control of Work Software'

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