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Barrier Management in process safety can mean different things to different people. Recently, the term has implied a focus on understanding and monitoring the threats to safety from working on equipment designed to safeguard shutdown, emergency response, detection systems and the like. Yokogawa RAP has taken a wider view. As well as the commonly recognised systems, we include anything that provides a barrier to loss of safety integrity or is of a concern to plant personnel to reduce the likelihood of incidents and accidents.

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Our barrier management system not only risk assesses, alerts and monitors when work is being carried out on your traditional safety barriers, it also allows the user to specify any work that is of concern to them across the entire maintenance workplace and therefore reducing operational risk.

The key to the RAP system is its unique use of icons to describe every activity carried out, every condition being worked under and every tool being used. By using these in our reports we can look at anything that is of interest to us, be it happening now or in the planning pipeline.

  • Create your own reports
    • Any activity, equipment, system
    • Any part of the site
  • Tailor reports to users and areas
  • Set limits and thresholds for all activities or occurrences
  • Quick and easy view of threat status to barrier risk management
  • Drill down to see specific instances
  • Look at Future and Current Threats – FACT
  • Include all data from RAP’s PRI-OR-ity-Critical system (Interlocks)
  • Quickly establish any non-conformances
  • Environmental jobs tracking
  • Improve site visibility by tracking expired and non-returned permits
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  • Establish which Safety Barriers you wish to consider
  • Monitor and control any threats to them
  • Gain a full and quick understanding of site activities
  • Enhanced understanding of sources of risk
  • Reduce risk exposure

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