RAP International in TOP 3 Vendors for Digital Permit to Work


Date: 07/02/2019

Independent research and consulting firm Verdantix’s Green Quadrant Operational Risk report, lists RAP International as one of the top 3 vendors for digital Permit to Work and has scored us highest for Risk Assessment.

Based on Verdantix Green Quadrant methodology, the analysis is based on a two-hour demonstration with executives and practice leaders at each vendor, vendor responses to a questionnaire, and interviews with independent customers representing high hazard industries who have bought or are planning to buy digital operation risk control of work software.

Mark Carter, RAP International’s Managing Director said:

“At RAP International we have always focussed on risk assessment as being essential to a safe Control of Work environment. Our unique, knowledge based system lies right at the heart of our permit system, prompting and assisting users, guiding the workflow and ensuring all risks in the workplace are covered. For Verdantix’s Operational Risk Software GQ report to recognise us as a top performer in this area is excellent.”

“The recognition that Control of Work systems are overdue for digitisation and the realisation that they can deliver huge efficiencies as well as mere replacement of paper, means that we are looking forward to a very exciting future – one in which RAP International helps keep client workforces safe and at the same time saves them money. And with the advent of our RAPcore system, we’ll look forward to achieving excellence in many more areas going forward.”

RAP has been a leader in Control of Work for 25 years. Our knowledge base, intelligent configurable product and commitment to our clients and their safety through the entire process of implementation, training and ongoing support, makes us stand out from our competition.

Verdantix says “RAP International provides customers with a best-of-breed Control of Work software and is one of the leading vendors for Control of Work (COW) software which includes job hazard analysis, isolation management and Permit to Work. They should be on the shortlist of operations managers and supervisors looking for a superior Control of Work solution as its Control of Work software has been implemented for 10,000 users in more than 150 locations across 30 countries”

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About RAP International

RAP International specialises in the development and implementation of Electronic Permit to Work (ePTW) and Integrated Safe Systems of Work (ISSoW) products, supplying the tools and support to improve the safety of site personnel and contract work-forces. It has been operating at the forefront of knowledge based Control of Work practices since 1994. From the original application in the high hazard oil and petrochemical industry, RAP’s products now provide simple and effective solutions for controlling risk and streamlining work processes in all sectors by a detailed approach to the identification, control and management of risk in the workplace.

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